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masterSync with upstream - (smol pk creatures update)jc_gargma11 days
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11 daysSync with upstream - (smol pk creatures update)HEADmasterjc_gargma2-0/+0
13 daysSync with upstream - (Magiclysm tileset update)jc_gargma4-6630/+6799
2021-05-25Sync with upstream - "Possible Magiclysm Wield Fix"jc_gargma5-17251/+17655
2021-05-15Sync with upstream - (Ninja Mod Update)jc_gargma5-16522/+16539
2021-05-13Sync with upstream (EW Pack tileset start)jc_gargma7-5223/+5243
2021-05-09Sync with upstream - "Real Dark Skies armor and weapons"jc_gargma4-14881/+14894
2021-05-09Remove VAMPSKIN as it has been moved to the vampire modjc_gargma2-4/+9
2021-05-02Sync with upstream "Real Dark Skies and Secronom updates"jc_gargma5-5732/+5749
2021-05-02Add missing female SUNBURN referencejc_gargma2-2/+4
2021-04-22Sync with upstream "Wielded graphics for EVERYTING all vanilla and mod items"jc_gargma5-3837/+8881