0ad.gitCross-platform, 3D and historically-based real-time strategy game 5 weeks
7kaa-music.gitMusic set for Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries 2 years
7kaa.gitSeven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game ...3 months
abook.gitText-based addressbook designed for use with Mutt. 11 months
acpid-openrc.gitOpenRC acpid init script 2 years
apulse.gitPulseAudio emulation for ALSA 2 years
arc4linux-keyring.gitArc4 Linux PGP keyring 11 months
brlaser.gitCUPS driver for many Brother printers. 2 years
brscan4.gitSANE drivers from Brother for brscan4 compatible models. 2 years
cataclysm-bn-mod_battle-maid-redone.gitThis is a heavily modified version of the translated Battle Maid Redux mod 3 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_caseless-crafting.gitEnable crafting of 8x40mm and 20x66mm ammunition. 8 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_faction-camp-recipe-expansion.gitAdd several recipes to the faction camp that in all honesty should be there. 5 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_grenade-crafting.gitRestore the recipes for frag, emp, and tear gas grenades. 5 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_hk-loadout.gitAdds various H&K weapons, and tweaks existing ones. 8 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_m26-mass.gitAdd the M26 MASS underbarrel shotgun 6 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_martial-arts-update.gitPort the late 2021 dda martial arts changes to Bright Nights. 6 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_mbr-vests-return.gitRestore MBR Vests to the game, and remove the ESAPI and dragon vests 10 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_packed-at4.gitConvert the AT4 to function like the M72 LAW. 9 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_recipe-fixes.gitFixes assorted recipe bugs that don't make sense. 5 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_restore-crows-turrets.gitRestore the M249/M240/M2 CROWS turrets by overwriting the light/medium/longrange...7 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_restore-reactor-core-expansion.gitRestore the reactor core expansion device. 3 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_restore-removed-traits.gitRestore a number of traits removed from BN for being too weak/strong. 11 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_revert-handgun-damage-buff.gitRevert BN handgun ammunition buffs. Except the 4.6mm and 5.7mm, they were seriou...4 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_survivorheadgear-crafting.gitRestore and fix the Survivor Helmet recipes. Also add a Light Survivor Helmet an...4 months
cataclysm-bn-mod_usable-power-armor.gitPort most of the DDA power armor changes to BN. Also reduces the weight when act...5 weeks
cataclysm-bn-mod_vampire-stuff-redone.gitVampiric Stuff mod - Updated for Bright Nights and merged with some CRT. 11 days
cataclysm-bn-mods.gitMy mods for cataclysm-bn 6 weeks
cataclysm-bn.gitA post-apocalyptic roguelike. 5 days
cataclysm-dda-mod_battle-maid-redone-tileset.gitBattle Maid Redone - UndeadPeople Tileset 11 months
cataclysm-dda-musicpack_coag-musicpack.gitCO.AG Musicpack 23 months
cataclysm-dda-soundpack_jcsoundpack.git@'s soundpack 12 days
cataclysm-dda-tileset_undeadpeople.gitUNDEAD_PEOPLE_BASE 4 days
ccextractor.gitA closed captions and teletext subtitles extractor for video streams. 7 months
chrony-openrc.gitOpenRC chrony init script 20 months
chrony.gitLightweight NTP client and server 15 months
cronie-openrc.gitOpenRC cronie init script 2 years
cryptsetup-raid.gitExtra encrypt hooks for raids 14 months
cups-openrc.gitOpenRC cups init script 2 years
desmume.gitNintendo DS emulator 6 weeks
dnscrypt-proxy-openrc.gitOpenRC dnscrypt-proxy init script 2 years
dnscrypt-proxy.gitDNS proxy, supporting encrypted DNS protocols such as DNSCrypt v2 and DNS-over-H...3 months
dnscrypt-wrapper-openrc.gitOpenRC dnscrypt-wrapper init script 2 years
dnscrypt-wrapper.gitA server-side dnscrypt proxy 2 years
dosbox.gitEmulator with builtin DOS for running DOS Games 4 weeks
endless-sky.gitA space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity 13 months
fceux.gitFast and ultra-compatible NES/Famicom emulator 4 months
firefox-esr.gitStandalone web browser from 4 weeks
firefox-extension-canvasblocker.gitPlugin for firefox that prevents canvas fingerprinting to prevent tracking. 6 months
firefox-extension-cookie-autodelete.gitExtension that deletes cookies as soon as the tab closes. 38 hours
firefox-extension-headereditor.gitManage browser's requests, include modify the request headers and response heade...22 months