This is a heavily modified version of the translated Battle Maid Redux mod. I didn't like the erotic aspects of the mod, so I removed them. All references to master have been replaced with mistress. Catgirl Maid fixed to use proper cat vision. I also added many items from the Kawaii Maid Mod. Added maid gloves. Converted garter belt to accessory to ease wearing it with panties. Updated for 0.E.2 Various rebalances.

Original Readme below: This is a re-translated fork of the previous machine-translated verison. Almost everything has been gone over by a human editor so should have (mostly) correct grammar and phrasing. I hope.

Original Readme below:

Battle Maid Redux

This is an attempted translation of the Battle Maid mod for C:DDA with some minor nerfs to the martial arts. This uses the same IDs as the original mod, so DO NOT use this mod at the same time with the original.

My Japanese isn't exactly the greatest, so I got creative with some of the descriptions and flexed my 200 billion creative IQ muscle on a couple others and wrote my own thing, while still staying true to the mod.

WHAT THE MOD ADDS: - 4 professions - A new martial art - Some weapons and armor - Some new items - Maid point system used to power up gear from this mod - Maid pets - Probably something else that I've forgotten. I spent over nine hours translating and porting this and didn't take a single break, go easy on me.


-Original Battle Maid mod can be downloaded from https://www.axfc.net/u/3747115. This mod is a translation of this, I take no credit for the original.

-ChestHole, for inspiring me to do this thanks to his... attempt at porting the mod into English. (sorry)

Let me know if there are issues with it.