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* On second thought let's not go to IPv6. It's a very silly place.HEADmasterjc_gargma2019-02-112-3/+3
* Enabled ipv6 supportjc_gargma2019-02-042-5/+4
* Further generic PKGBUILDjc_gargma2019-01-271-5/+6
* More generic PKGBUILDjc_gargma2019-01-271-7/+11
* Simplified PKGBUILDjc_gargma2019-01-271-17/+6
* Rebased against upstreamjc_gargma2019-01-203-11/+67
* Change group to openrc-galaxy | Swap from saving init to confjc_gargma2018-12-171-4/+4
* Fixed chronyd so that stopping worksjc_gargma2018-10-313-67/+14
* Removed broken sed command | Swapped /sbin with /usr/binjc_gargma2018-10-302-8/+3
* Altered path to /usr/binjc_gargma2018-10-302-4/+5
* Maintainer logicjc_gargma2018-10-021-3/+6
* Initial commitjc_gargma2018-07-143-0/+123